Ivy bridge (Maho bay) to come out in first half of 2012


Intel has let it slide that the successor to it’s X58 processors will come with all of the expected specs. 22nm process, USB 3.0 support, DDR3 1600 RAM, and DX11 graphics. However these monster parts will not be shipping until sometime in the first half of 2012, which allows Sandy bridge owners to continue their reign as supreme CPU overlords for a little while longer than expected. (woo!)


Spy Party!

Why are all competitive video games about how quickly you can point and click on someone’s head? Spy Party takes¬† a very unique approach to the sniper/spy relationship. Unlike Team Fortress 2, in Spy Party the spy doesn’t hide with a cloaking device. They try to blend in with the other guests at the party and complete their objective while a sniper is waiting to blow them away from down the block. I can’t wait to play this game, and see if other behavioral based games will start to pop up in the future.

Source:  Spyparty.com

Never struggle to learn a foreign language again

DARPA wants a earpiece that will translate all languages on the fly, I do too.

Source: Engadget

Graphene spotted being oh so cool

Graphene has been found to self-cool in certain areas, which is kinda a big deal for processors and batteries alike. This stuff may very well be one of the most important technological advancements of this decade.

Source: University of Illinois

AMD releases low-end 6790

AMD has released the low-end 6790 to the public, reviewers are disappointed with the card performance. And I’m disappointed with people who buy $150 graphics cards.

source: Anandtech

Commodore 64(bit?)

Old is new again

Looks like Commodore is back in the game, sporting a Intel Atom processor and Nvidia Ion 2 graphics. The 2011 model is definitely faster than it’s predecessor, but I’m not sure how it will stack up against REAL modern computers. Either way, it has a classic mechanical switch keyboard with that clicky clack we love so much.

Source: Commodore

Stringer let it slip

Source: Maximum PC

Looks like Apple’s jealous of Sony Ericsson’s camera quality, Howard stringer Sony CEO let it slip that the camera shipment to Apple will be delayed… oops!